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Colombian pavilion receives 2 million visitors in Shanghai Expo

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Article Guide:Colombias pavilion in Shanghai Expo 2010 has received two million visitors in more than 134 days since it was opened, a statement from Colombian representatives in the event said on Thursday.


A 25-year-old woman from Shandong Province was No. 2 million to Colombia's pavilion.

The statement said the expected figure was thought to be reached in 184 days or six months of Expo Shanghai.

After her initial surprise and edginess for all the attention received, the young woman declared herself very lucky and promised she would visit the country as soon as possible. "I had never thought about it, but when I get the chance, I will go."

At least 100 countries participating in the Expo Shanghai 2010, expecting to reach the historical figure of 70 million visitors.

Colombia has a pavilion of approximately 1,000 square meters in the fair, in which it exhibits its principal tourist attractions, products and services.

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