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Hunan Embroidery - Four major embroidery of China

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Article Guide:Hunan Embroidery(Xiang embroidery) is considered one of the four great embroidery styles of China, and has been practiced in that country for hundreds of years. The Xiang embroidery style originated in the Hunan province of China, where examples of embroidery have been found which date back more than 2,300 years.


Embroidery in the Hunan province has developed extensively in the intervening centuries, and Xiang embroidery is a recent product of this development, and borrows influences from other Chinese embroidery styles.  While other styles strive for perfection in their craftsmanship, Xiang embroidery is far more akin to folk art with its loose threads and rich colors.  Xiang embroidery is still produced today, and is popular throughout China and around the world. 

Exploring and a lot of traditional Chinese painters concentrated on studies, Hunan Embroidery absorbed the art quintessence of old Chinese culture from painting, embroidery, classical Chinese poems & songs, calligraphy and metal & stone, thus, Hunan Embroidery has tormed its own characteristics: basing on traditional Chinese paiting, meticulously portraying on different materials with scores of needle ways and many embroidery threads of different chlorite.

In early 20th century, Hunan Embroidery gai-ned many outstanding honours for its unique style at home and abroad and became one of the four famous embroideries in China.

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