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The ancient water towns in shanghai

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Article Guide:Expo fever is on the rise in todays travel market, but for many visitors who have come a long way to Shanghai, one tour about the Expo Garden doesnt seem enough for all the effort. So, they seek nearby tourist attractions. And among all the choices, the ancient water towns which Shanghainese often use as weekend retreats are the most popular.



Nanxun's specialty is its gardens. It is said that the essence of southern gardens is best presented in the family gardens of Nanxun.

In particular, there is a four-hundred-year old water front residence that has 100 rooms which came to be called Baijianlou or "hundred-room building". The residence stretches along the river bank, with the rooms connected by stone bridges, each one of them intricately decorated. It used to be the dorms of the servants who work for a government official's family during the Ming dynasty.

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